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Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) is essentially the DNA of our competency center. Not only we have heavy experience in RaR implementations, but our competency center also has complete knowledge of the product and its pain points, integration into S4 journey!


Key Competencies

  • Manage Standard RAR operating procedures
    • RAR contract management: Contract processing and fixing
    • Cost recognition
    • Contract combination and modification
    • Advances features for the transaction to IFRS 15/ IFRS 16 accounting rules
  • Incident and Problem management
    • Fix “unfixable” SAP RAR contracts
    • Fix SAP RAR BADI implementations after Feature Pack installations
    • Clean messy posting periods or Revenue Accounting Items with all kind of errors
  • Development Management (Enhancements and Customizations)

  • Technical and End User Training
    • Analyze RAR posting logic
    • Training RAR posting logic for complex cases
    • Standard RAR Reports
  • Interface and Integration Management