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With the help of Enterprise or Division level PMO, we can observe following benefits:

Advance the enterprise’s project management maturity.

Advance the enterprise’s talent capability.

Advance the PMO organizational management maturity.

Perform the right projects at the right time.

Improve efficiency of operational functions.

Improve strategic and competitive business advantage.

Provide a structured and well-coordinated approach for all the projects, project-programs and project-portfolios.

Improve business results from completed projects and accomplished business objectives.

Manage organizational transformation of processes and systems.

Improve collaborative efforts and integration across operations organizations within the enterprise.

Staff complex projects and programs with skilled project professionals.

Reduce project and program cost while improving staff productivity.

Provide direction for improvement with leadership. 

Support dissemination of company-wide project management best practices.

Lead by example, by continuously improving competency.

Provide project/program tracking, reporting, and strategic resources prioritization.

Effectively manage and deliver projects on time and within scope.

Improve and warrant the enterprise’s market position to win larger projects.

Improve assurance of, and enterprise’s reputation for successful projects.

Increase market’s (customer’s) confidence in enterprise’s ability to deliver.

Lead organizational transformation of processes and systems.

Establish & maintain project standardization, documentation, and preparation methodologies.

Contribute to sales processes by increasing success in producing winning proposals.

Make project-program managers, project managers, & team leaders more effective.

Establish an integrated PBM (Project Business Management) approach across the enterprise.

Make all stakeholders understand their roles in making projects successful.

Apply standardized practices & methods. And hence providing improvements in project execution & project completion. Costs reduction; and positive impact on bottom line.

Shift reporting style from a focus on vague progress descriptions to objective reporting. The report can include scope, requirements, cost & schedule versus baselines.

Develop, track, and report on program-portfolio, project-portfolio, and project key performance indicators.