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Why Choose SAP EAM?

Planningand production cycles are shortening. The pressure to achieve quality andproductivity in the competition increases at the same time. In order to dojustice to both a maximum availability of the technical facilities isparamount. It is therefore obvious that the maintenance and servicing oftechnical facilities and machinery is of major importance for the securing ofcompetitiveness in modern enterprises. In order to assist you with these tasksa powerful maintenance management system like SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)is essential nowadays.

Services of SAP EAM

As anintegral element of the SAP ERP Business Suite the SAP EAM (former SAP PM)helps you to design your maintenance processes efficiently, thus ensuring thehighest possible degree of machinery and equipment availability. Therefore, SAPEAM directly safeguards your production readiness and contributes to yourcompany results.

Additionally,SAP EAM covers the following functions in the field of maintenance:

Design andstructure of technical equipment

Planningand execution of recurring tasks (like e. g. maintenance and checks)

Recordingof incidents and their elimination

Capacityplanning and scheduling

Internaland external processing including cost tracking

Supportingthe task of mobile data capture/collection and processing in maintenance(mobile maintenance)