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Yempover Oil and Gas – fueling crucial changes

Petroleum industries also called as the IS- Oil & Gas includes industries operating in the exploration, extraction, refining and marketing of petroleum products and by-products. With natural oil consumed extensively to address the energy demands of the global economy, Oil & Gas forms a major industry demanding extending technology support and transformation to be effectively and profitable. SAP oil and gas Industry vertical solution address these challenges effectively. We at YemPover have unbeaten track on implementing and supporting big and small shale oil producers with technology transformation and enterprise applications adaptation.


Our IS-OIL service offerings

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    Subsurface Digitalization

    Documents management systems integrated with the ERP application allowing storage of inaccessible physical data and making document accessible to team with ease.

  • subsurface_data_quality_tools

    Data Quality Management Tool

    Ensure workstation ready data leveraging DMS and DQM Tools integrated to the enterprise application help streamline quality checks and governance.

  • emergancy_mgmt_icon

    Emergency Management Solution

    Integrated Platform for all Emergency Management Activities. Ensuring adherence to industry standards and Environment checks and disaster management.

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    Leak Detection

    Early warning system and disaster management applications monitoring and tracking risks concerning fluid spill, and workforce & environment safety. Predictive Maintenance of ageing pipelines.

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    Fleet Management

    Reduce risk, improve safety optimize fleet operations with real-time, GPS tracking, and fleet monitoring. End-to-end IoT solution to capture vehicle diagnostic parameters.

  • digital_oil_field

    Digital Oil Field Framework

    Digital Oil Field (DOF) framework applications integrated with enterprise application and cloud solutions enables superior decision-making by providing on-demand access.

  • prime_plant

    Predictive Maintenance for Refineries

    Detect potential failures in critical equipment well ahead of time, S4HANA applications with effective Plant Maintenance manage it all and much more.

  • terminal_automation

    Terminal Automation System

    Leverage our integrated Terminal Automation System to boost the efficiency of the entire product handling process, from reception to distribution.

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    Intelligent RPA

    RPA Advisory, Process Consulting, Discovery & Assessment, E2E RPA Implementation, Connected RPA Experience to help Oil & Gas.

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    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Introduce innovative IoT solutions & offerings to help the Oil & Gas industry clients optimize production, enhance asset utilization & uptime.

Benefits to bank on

The oil & gas segments we serve.

  • upstream

    Services for companies addressing upstream search and initial drilling and exploration challenges for technology transformation. Our transformation solutions with effective data analytics and reporting enhance effective upstream reserve identification.

  • midstream

    Understanding supply chain challenges and transportation concerns in oil and gas industry using technology transformation offers midstream companies better manage storage, transportation and processing challenges in competitive manner.

  • downstream

    The downstream industries is a huge cluster of business converting the natural resources into multitude of products for market consumption. Our transformation models & services offers solutions to address complexities out here.


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Plan


    Reporting-as-a-Service offers detailed analytical inputs of the project progress allowing mitigation on demand to minimize deviations.

  • Converge


    Better control business outcomes, using our service stack – Mosaic, Digital Jedis, and other human-centered delivery experience.

  • Implement


    Collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging our innovation labs, digital financial ecosystems, alliances & partners will make it happen.