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YemPover Inc CSR Initiatives

At YemPover, our corporate social responsibility initiatives are focused on serving and supporting the neighborhood around our corporate business house. Most of our initiatives are focused on empowering and uplifting the underprivileged and marginalized communities around us. We conduct multiple upskill training programs to help members of the empowerment group to become employable and enhance their earning capabilities. We have also been associated with multiple fund-raise events and activities across wide spectrum of governmental programs across multiple states from where we operate.

Volunteering and Mentoring efforts in Community Programs

Staff including the leadership at YemPover have always been associated with multiple community betterment programs and actively participate and volunteer these programs and fund raisers. We have always encouraged our team member to initiate CSR missions and strongly believe in:







Building scalable and reliable community Interaction

Corporate Social Responsibilities are initiatives designed by corporates to build scalable and reliable communication network with the communities around, helping local communities identifying areas for improvement by responsible actions and financial support.

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