This newly published summary from Yempover underscores the critical role of an SAP Center of Excellence (COE) in optimizing SAP within businesses. An SAP COE is a dedicated unit managing and improving SAP implementations, serving as a central hub for expertise, best practices, and continuous improvement.  

It emphasizes the importance of a COE in SAP-run businesses, highlighting its role in centralizing expertise, enforcing best practices for quality assurance, facilitating continuous improvement, enhancing cost efficiency, and mitigating risks associated with SAP implementations. It introduces the idea of outsourcing the SAP COE, citing three key benefits: cost savings, risk mitigation through specialized expertise, and access to deep expertise from experienced professionals. 

In conclusion, the summary stresses the pivotal role of a well-established SAP COE in SAP-driven businesses, highlighting its ability to centralize expertise, enforce best practices, foster innovation, and manage risks effectively. It highlights why outsourcing your SAP COE can provide these benefits without the complexities of maintaining an in-house team, enabling businesses to navigate SAP more efficiently for improved outcomes and long-term success. 

Read the full COE document here.